Medical vs Recreational Marijuana

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Should recreational marijuana be legalized?


How will legalizing recreational marijuana effect the MMJ industry? Most people are on the fence about legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes. Some believe it will draw the attention away from the medical side of things. I think that marijuana is meant for the people. You can’t make such a beneficial plant illegal to the people, just like you can’t make eggplant illegal because it contains nicotine.  If someone would rather sit back and smoke a joint, then drink alcohol which is proven to be harmful. Then who has the right to stop them? After all, it’s a plant that is shown to help improve your health!


In California prop 64 which would legalize recreational use of marijuana has made it to the ballot this November. Some of the growers are staying neutral, mostly because they are worried that if Prop 64 is passed some large enterprises may try to push them out of business. This is a hard one to decide on it could affect a lot of people if it is passed. Some good and some very bad. If the big companies do try to move in the small grows that have been fueling California’s medical industry could be pushed out of business, and that would be bad for everyone because the ones that have taken decades to perfect their strains and techniques would no longer be around. Meaning the big guys come in prices drop but so does quality.


So what do the big guys think? Actually, most big pharma companies are against medical and recreational marijuana. A recent study done by Bradford and Bradford, Health Affairs shows that states that have legalized any form of marijuana have fewer people prescribed to powerful pain meds, so profits went down in those states! Would they rather have you on powerful opiates then a harmless plant? Below is a chart showing how many prescription meds have been prescribed in states with MMJ or recreational marijuana.




So what do you think? I believe we should do more research on marijuana as a medicine, and find all the benefits then help the people that need whether or not it’s legalized for recreational use. I still don’t think anyone (accept for children) should not be allowed to use this plant in whatever way they chose. Leave a comment and let me know what you think they should do in California. MMJ or recreational?


The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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Are you thinking about trying medical cannabis?

In this article I’ll go over some of the benefits of medical marijuana, and where you can find a dispensary near you. So, let’s get started.

What are the benefits of medical marijuana?

Health specialists have discovered many benefits of using medical marijuana, and here is a look at the top advantages of MMJ to your health. Below is a video I found that goes over some of the benefits.

Relieves anxiety.

This is one of the best benefits of medical marijuana. It helps to limit anxiety, and in turn, enhance the mood of the smoker.

MMJ can alleviate and stops the spreading of cancer cells.

A study was done, and it showed the ability of CBD, an ingredient in marijuana, to turn off Id-1, a gene in the cancer cells. When the gene is turned off, the cancer cells are prevented from spreading in the body.

Cannabis relieves arthritis symptoms.

The drug is also known to reduce inflammation and pain, especially in people with rheumatoid arthritis. Marijuana helps to reduce the pain significantly.

Marijuana stops Alzheimer’s in patients.

The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, helps to slow down the development of Alzheimer’s. THC slows down the amyloid plaques formation. This is done when the enzyme that synthesizes the amyloid plaques in the brain is blocked. The amyloid plaques are known to kill the brain cells, hence the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Regulates epileptic seizures.

Marijuana is known to stop the seizure in patients, which is done through the active ingredient, CBD and THC-A. They bind to the brain cells that control the excitability and regulate relaxation in the body.

Where Can I find a dispensary?

Now that you know some of the benefits of medical cannabis. The first step is to get a doctor’s recommendation. Then you’ll need to find a good dispensary you can find a list of the top ones in your area at



Finding Stoner Clothes

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Why Wear Weed Clothes?

Finding Clothes

Smoking may be an occasional secret habit for dealing with stress or even a way of life. Marijuana has become one of the most popular and widely used recreation drugs since it has become legal in many states. Marijuana-Themed Clothing is an amazing way to celebrate your liberty and look cool at the same time, whether smoking is your hobby or a necessity you can now wear the 420 clothing that you love and even support the 420 lifestyle. Pot culture has evolved to become a form of expression for some people are loud and proud about their smoking habits.

Marijuana has been a helpful medicine for many major diseases and depression, its effects are known to relieve stress and uplift the mood, many people have depended all their lives on this herb to help them get by with daily life and be content. However, time has not always been easy for stoners, there have been cases where people have been sentenced to death in prison for marijuana offenses. Mostly they have been booked for non-violent marijuana offenses, and worst part is that they are sentenced to life without parole. But now Marijuana has become legal in four states and also in Americas capital Washington D.C, possession of pot will be further decriminalized in the years to come because of the huge support it has been getting. You too can show your support for the growing marijuana culture which won’t stop until marijuana is legalized in every part of the world, you can buy exclusive stoner clothing at Yourtruebuds and support legalization and awareness.

Marijuana has made a huge impact on American culture and history, many people, law firms and even films have played crucial roles in shaping marijuana’s image in the minds of Americans. Now the fight has been passed down to the new generation of fresher, smarter and a lot more determined smokers and supporters, each person today makes a difference with their opinions today. So, wear your pride for the herb and join thousands of other smokers in rising against the unreasonable laws.

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